Our Services

We offer a broad range of services we intend to extend to you for a long term, mutually beneficial business relationship. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Feasibility Studies -This is for businesses that intend to venture into new business sites such as retail units, or branch offices. We as New Level Investments will carry out feasibility studies to identify the sites that will deliver most value in line with their strategic focus.
  2. Retail Expansion Program – Having identified key sites we negotiate for appropriate premises on behalf of our clients and manage the entire process from acquisition to occupation of the premises. As such we offer a turn-key project management services ensuring hassle free expansion for you.
  3. Development Financial Advisory Services- For our clients who need financing to realize their expansion strategy we offer advisory services in line with identifying financiers and on negotiations for optimum terms and rates.
  4. Sales and Marketing – Our Sales and Marketing services are aimed at developers who are marketing property space for both malls and office space. Specifically we help developers acquire anchor tenants for upcoming developments.
  5. Property Management – Our property management services do not only offer the standardized services but we also proactively build pipelines of potential tenants to ensure business profitability and continuity.
  6. Public Relations – New level believes in creating close and positive relationships between our clients, their suppliers, and within the communities they work. This is to ensure not only ease in delivery of value to customer by our clients but also a sound entrenchment of our client as a critical contributor in the community and Kenya as a whole.


Having helped a number of retail giants in the market expand we have gathered substantial experience in the expansion needs of retail businesses as well as property development; and optimal mix in tenants that pull in the consumers. This experience is what enables us to give our clients solutions that help them to serve their customers better and increase profitability.

Leveraging on our experience and relationships means we are able to;

  • Have a strategic view of available properties or office space in line with advising our clients on suitability
  • Offer pragmatic and implementable expansion solutions that are cost effective and time saving whilst maintaining high quality standards to ensure the brand value is maintained.
  • Quickly built highly effective and efficient teams to ensure that your project runs smoothly
  • Create interest in your premises by potential anchor tenants and other critical service providers to ensure that your development quickly turns the necessary cash flows
  • Manage property to make it attractive to potential clients and ensure satisfaction for the existing clients
  • Manage Public relations requirements ensuring proper engagement of all stakeholders to ensure acceptability of your project.