About NLI

New Level was founded in 2008 as a general supplies company then trading under the name of Mwamu Agencies with the aim of providing general supplies to private companies as well as the government. As we solidified our relationship with our clients they started to request advisory services in other areas such as retail expansion and property management.

In the past, many companies that expanded into new business sites and markets did this, using internal resources through their property and procurement department. In the recent past however, more and more companies require wider, more encompassing services to make their expansion a success; including feasibility studies that are driven by thorough market research, property assessments for suitability, professional negotiation for leases, management of the construction project to ready the premises for business and the management of all the different professionals that make this happen.

Additionally, there is a need for Public Relations programs that solidify the company’s presence within this new market. An important component of retail expansion in Kenya has been the development of malls located within the Nairobi suburbs bringing services closer to the consumer. Through our dealings with large retail outlets we have developed great relationships with malls and commercial property owners who are keen to receive specialist services in the areas of Sales and Marketing of available space to critical businesses that are relevant and specific to the particular community in which the mall is located.

It is in line with these needs that New Level Investment limited was incorporated in 2013. The president of New level Investment Limited is Mr. Peter who prides himself together with his employees in providing clients with innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions that meet their clients’ strategic requirements.Growth, expansion and sustained profitability are the guiding principles of our company.

New Level Investment aims to provide specialist consulting, advisory and implementation services to companies within Kenya in these key areas;

  • Retail Expansion projects
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Property management
  • Public Relations
  • Sales and Marketing of Spaces in malls and other Commercial developments


To be the market leader in providing holistic solutions in property management and expansion programs of companies in Kenya in line with our clients’ strategic needs; on time, within budget and in consideration of expected future needs.


To create a stress free and seamless client experience in expansion and property management ensuring optimum outcomes that drive both customer satisfaction and profitability

Our Values

  •  Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism
  • Innovative
  • High Quality Service and  Flexibility
  • Customer focus